H appy Chinese New year everybody! I hope you had a great holiday!Today as you may guess we will be talking about the rooster, in addition to the rooster year. A rooster is basically a male chicken. it is also known as a cock or a cockerel. A rooster is an early riser so thats why its the one thats wakes you up. cock-a-doo-a-doo!!!!!! Food     R oosters are surprisingly omnivores. which means they eat meat and plants. They peck at worms, fruit, grain, insects, seeds, snails, acorns, slugs etc. Baby chicks can eat and walk soon after hatching. Population     W hen the roosters population got incresed to 24 billion in 2003, there are more roosters and chickens in the world than any other bird. Predators      T he rooster has many predators including us. The roosters predators are opossums, bobcats, snakes, raccoons, hawks, owls and skunks.  

Hey everyone!

H i everyone! Yes I am back! Sorry to those people who have been waiting so long for a new article. Thank you for being so patient for   this article or should I say special surprise. So to show how sorry I am for not blogging so long. Today I will show you proof why i've been so busy so you guys won't be upset.... and I will show it in a special way.         Dearest Blog, I've been very busy in the past 2 months. Now that summer is over and autumn has started I have to go back to my daily routine. Now that I am in year 5 at school (international school) and I am 9 years old i've been very busy. Plus book week this year at school is starting in October this month on the 24th, and I have camp in November too. I've been very tired too this past 2 months. My mom and dad have work to do too. Anyway that's it for today my dear blog. Seeing you tomorrow, Lexi So everyone, did you enjoyed this special? if you did please put a thumbs up and tell me

The Otter Phopet

                THE OTTER PHOPET                      FINDING DORY Hi everyone, Its me Lexi. Today this article is not a special edition not regular articles but its a like a side article you get what I mean? Like with Harry Potter.  To those who have read Harry Potter,  JK. Rowling the author of Harry Potter has 3 side Books. The books are not based on the story of whats happening but they are like the books based on the setting. I'll show you what I mean:  I swomlly swear I am up to no good.   Mcheif Managed. I have the whole set of them. their based on the story but its not based on whats happening; and thats what I'm doing today. I really like this font.what a long intro. A ll right today I will talking about a movie. Recently their has been a movie thats new and its called finding dory and their were otters in the movie and they were so cute! I fell like I have to share them with you guys. I know I've already wrote an otter article but their just so c


        H ave you heard of Justin Beaver? If you have you may have heard of a beaver right? For those who haven't, here is your information. Beavers are natural engineers. In fact, they are such good engineers that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, more commonly known as MIT, made their mascot a beaver. Its name is Tim.    Diet Wild Kratts: Build it beaver      B eavers are herbivores which means they only eat plants. To be more specific, they eat leaves, inner bark, twigs, alder, birch, cottonwood, willow, and other deciduous trees. Beavers also enjoy shrubs, aquatic plants, ferns, grass and crops. Difference between beaver and otter       B eavers have long teeth to cut trees while otters have short teeth. Otters have slim long bodies while beavers have chubby bodies. I'm not saying that they are fat. Beavers have a flat tail so they can warn their relatives by slapping the tail in the water to create a warning. Meanwhile the otters have a slim tail to steer

Draco lizard

        D raco lizards are flying lizards, believe it or not. Although, it's not exactly the Slytherin seeker Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter . All right, enough chit chat or else 5 points from Gryffindor. Draco lizards are reptiles and once agin they are not named after Draco Malfoy! Food Wild Kratts     D raco Lizards are carnivores which means they eat meat And final warning, this is not a Draco Malfoy article! Draco lizards willingly eat mostly ants and termites. Draco lizards are not one of those big lizards like Iguanas so it makes sense that they only eat ants and termites. Gliding      W hen draco lizards fly, they are usually on top of a tree branch. Then they jump off the tree and spread their wings. To glide farther, they spread their wings wider. To land lower and glide slower, it depends how far the next tree is. They then retract their wings. 


        Y ou might not hear this animal before but they are real. Dholes are mammals. They look like a fox but they are actually wild dogs. They are call the whistling dogs because of the sound they make when hunting. Food     D holes are omnivores which means they eat meat and plants. Dholes like to eat wild pigs, deer, buffalo, rabbits, lizards and wild berries. Dholes favourite food is deer. Dholes hunt in packs. Birth     W hen female dholes breed, they give birth to between 5-12 pups. Dhole pups grow very fast and are cared by their parents and other dholes in the pack. Pups begin to hunt when they are only a few months old and reach adult size by the time they are a year and a half of age.


        T here are many different types of seals. There are harp seals, elephant seals, fur seals etc. Seals are mammals which means they don't actually breathe  underwater. Seals live up to 12-30 years. This is true! Diet     S eals are carnivores which means they eat meat. Seals eat fish but they will also eat any type of meat they find in the ocean. Seals also enjoy squid(not giant squid or colossal), octopus and shellfish. Seals eat a lot each day.   Habitat     S eals can live in very different places depending on their species. Some seals can be found in Antarctica while others can live in very hot places. Many of the seals that are found in Antarctica can survive because of their fat blubber, keeping them warm. Other seals that live in hot areas have leaser fur so they are not so hot.